Mindfulness Mentoring

Virtual Mindfulness Meditation Mentoring with Lynne now available

Learn to practice Mindfulness with 1:1 mentoring with me

Virtual mentoring available via phone or skype

Your individual mentoring can be in person, via skype or over the phone.  This is accompanied by email support, pdf/word resources and recorded guided mindfulness meditations.

Essentials Mindfulness Mentoring: 4 individual sessions - giving you the essential information needed to understand Mindfulness & to establish a regular practice to suit you life and needs.  These sessions include take home information, guided Mindfulness Meditations and individualised mentoring.  

Gold standard Mindfulness Mentoring: 8 individual sessions - includes comprehensive information & instruction required to establish and maintain a daily mindfulness meditation practice to suit your life and needs.  These sessions include take home information, guided Mindfulness meditations and individualised mentoring.

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Individual Meditation Sessions directed towards the development of Self Care, Self Help, Personal Growth & Self-Awareness

Have you ever thought of using meditation techniques be the best version of you that you can be?  To enhance your overall wellbeing, deal with stress, achieve goals, address personal issues or tackle those limiting beliefs that might be holding you back? 

Meditation can be very effective for personal development.  It can help you learn how to deal with stress, improve your self confidence &  self esteem, generate feelings of peace and calm and help you deal with your emotions and your thoughts. 
Make no mistake, it is not counselling, “it is science of the mind’ as the Dalai Lama states.  Meditation allows you to develop a sense of awareness that enables you to  'get to know your own mind’ and, in the process you learn the skills of meditation that can help you in a very practical sense -  day to day.  

To cope with difficult emotions or distract you from your thoughts – which mindfulness effectively does.  

Using guided imagery techniques to achieve life goals, enhance your body’s natural healing capacity.  

You can also use meditation to learn to be happy and content within yourself – hard wiring happiness into your brain – so to speak.

Immediate Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfully Calm Meditation mentoring can help you learn how to deal with stress, improve your self confidence, deal with limiting beliefs, allow you to explore your inner world, get to know & understand yourself better, generate feelings of peace and calm & help you deal with your emotions and your thoughts.

Ongoing Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness also helps build your resilience for managing stress that will arise in your future.  Creating a life time coping strategy.  An ongoing Meditation practice will help to rewire your brain for happiness, peace and calm.  You will develop a healthier, more compassionate relationship with yourself and others.

Would Mindfulness Mentoring suit you?

Mindfully Calm Meditation mentoring is individualised for your needs – to address the personal issues that you identify.  It is a goal orientated approach – using different meditation techniques to achieve these goals.

It does not take the place of conventional medical, psychological & counselling treatments – it works to compliment these.

Who is the ideal Mindfully Calm Meditation mentoring participant? 

The ideal customer is:

  • Someone who is motivated to create positive change in their life
  • Someone who had been looking for ways to better cope with life issues and to improve upon themselves  
  • Someone ready to challenge their thoughts and beliefs 
  • Someone who is open minded to new ideas and who is prepared to practice new techniques
  • Someone who believes that they can enhance your own well being  
  • Someone who has the time to commit to at least 10 minutes a day to Meditation...and is ‘ready’ 

Take the next step...Get in contact with Lynne today

If you think that person is you - book a complimentary 20 minute information consultation with me, either at 113 Lime Ave or on Skype.

Lynne Morrison 0407 329 680

How Mindfulness helped me...

I have a rather unique perspective on life and in particular – stress, anxiety, depression & the ability to manage these using meditation alongside conventional psychological and medical treatments.  

I trained as a psychiatric nurse and worked in acute psychiatry with adolescents & adults in hospital and community settings.  I was a senior nurse in charge of some of these acute units.  In my career, I helped many individuals treat and overcome their mental health symptoms and to find active ways to live healthy, happy lives despite these. 

Then, I myself, was faced with life altering mental health symptoms.  After a prolonged period of life and work stress, I ended up experiencing a diverse & crippling range of  mental health issues, including: generalised anxiety, social phobia, agoraphobia, panic attacks & severe depressive symptoms.  Over the years I have been treated with conventional medical and psychological support which helped me immensely – I also knew what was happening to me and used all my knowledge (as a psych nurse) to help myself. 

As this was taking some time – I also started to investigate other ways to improve my health – I started reading and delved into topics such as Buddhism - Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity, sleep, stress & gut health. 

Putting into action what I learnt through this research aided my long term recovery, helping me not only get well, but, just as importantly to stay as well as I am now.  

I manage my mental health through the choices I make everyday – asking myself "Is this healthy for me?"  By living Mindfully everyday, meditating, by prioritizing sleep, routine, by managing my stress levels and any current anxiety, taking time off and by continuing to hard wire happiness into my brain.  

Given a choice, I would have preferred not to go through all the anxiety and sadness I lived with – but I am so happy now with the person I have become.  The difficult times have enhanced the person I now am.  I now feel much more resilient and more healthy in mind & body than I was pre illness.

People, like me, with mental health issues can appear ‘normal’ to others – our appearance does not reflect the toll illness can take and the immense effort it can take to cope and to achieve a state of balance and contentedness each day.  This comes with the daily management of these conditions. 

I can relate to others better now - especially those people who have to manage a life altering illness or a number of conditions, symptoms and side effects of treatment.  I have a greater empathy for navigating a fractured health system whilst you are sick.  I can empathise with losing your career, being unable to work, financial stress, seeing how your illness affects your family and friends and being unable to do everyday activities.

I once said to a friend "We live our whole lives thinking nothing bad will ever happen and then we are surprised when it does.  She answered "Oh, I know I'm going to die."  I replied "I'm not talking about death, I'm talking about all the illness that can happen in between."

My illness experience taught me about what really matters...and for me, that is "Health, Happiness and Family."  That is my focus now in life - everything else is but an accessory.

Mindfulness, meditation, my career and my illness has given me an amazing perspective on life and a passion for mind body health.

I have a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience – that I am happy, ready & willing to share with others.

If this resonates with you and you find yourself ready to explore the practice of Mindfulness then perhaps you can join one of my classes or undertake the Mindfulness Mentoring with me the click on the contact page, send your details and I will get back to you.


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