Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Mildura's Oncology Massage Therapist

Mindfully Calm at New Location - by appointment only - please call Lynne 0407 329 680

Mindfully Calm is now open for Oncology & Wellness Massage.

Covid-19 pre appointment screening, physical distancing and disinfecting policies are in place

Massage appointments can be made via phone - 0407 329 680.

Please note - I am now at a new location and by appointment only.

In person Mindfulness Courses, Meditation sessions and Mentoring starts June 22nd and is still available online.

Please call me on 0407 329 680 to find out more

Meditation Services Available

  • CURRENTLY UNDERWAY - Gawler Foundation 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stillness Mediation Course starts Thursday July 23rd 6-7:30pm - places limited - Cost $350 per person
  • Individual Mindfulness Mentoring 
  • Guided Mindfulness Meditation sessions 

‚ÄčIf you are asking "How can Mindfulness help me?"

Let me answer that...from Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson's book Meditation an In-Depth Guide

Mindfulness benefits are many and varied...It

  • allows you to be more fully present in your life, in the here and now
  • Increases your self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • allows you to be less judgmental of self and others
  • develops kindness and compassion
  • teaches you how to treat thoughts as just thoughts - that there is a difference between you and your thoughts
  • Enhances your physical health by regulating your nervous system
  • Improves your immune system
  • returns your body to its' natural resting homeostatic state
  • Improves your digestive system
  • improves energy levels and reduces fatigue
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves mental clarity and concentration
  • teaches you the ability to stay grounded and composed even in the midst of chaos
  • helps you be more connected to yourself, others and the natural world
  • teaches you that everything changes, that thoughts and feelings come and go
  • allows you to expereince more calm and peacefulness
  • develops resources for facing fear, sadness, anger and grief
  • teaches you to be less disturbed by and less reactive to unpleasant experiences
  • teaches you to have more balance and less emotional reactivity
  • allows you to lighten up and be less burdened by seriousness ad over-responsibility

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

These guided Mediation sessions are for people who have completed one of my meditation courses or who already meditate daily.

I will guide you in either a Mindfulness, guided imagery or contemplation meditation.

Please contact me if you would like to go on my email list to be invited to these meditation sessions.

1:1 Mindfulness Mentoring

Mindfulness Mentoring is an 8 week 1:1 format.  

I will provide you with the information and support to understand and incorporate Mindfulness into your everyday life.  

You will have 8 x 1 hour individual sessions with me in person at Mindfully Calm Meditation Studio or online.  

You will receive individualised attention, weekly email information and resources including pfs  and my recorded guided Mindfulness meditations for you to use at home.

8 week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Learn the amazing benefits of Mindfulness by joining the 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation Course designed by the Gawler Foundation

This 8 week course is 1.5 hours per week.  Each week we cover different aspects of mindfulness including theory, discussion, principles of practice and guided mindfulness meditations. 

 Over the 8 weeks you will learn everything you need to know to understand Mindfulness and how to incorporate it into your everyday life in a way that is beneficial for you.

"The 8 week Mindfulness Meditation class helped me to learn how to relax and to be at peace mentally and emotionally.

Thank you Lynne for all your wonderful help and guidance and to now know, how to incorporate this into my everyday life is a gift." 



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